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Mini feature: What do you choose for?
(12 Jul 2010 - 26 Jul 2010)

Mini feature: What do you choose for? Arranged and designed by artist Kurt Nahar
Open until  26th of July  2010

Readytex Art Gallery once again treats her visitors to a fascinating mini feature. Not a mini feature as usual though, but one according to a new concept. Instead of featuring art from one or two artists, the new concept features art from different artists based upon a specific theme. A new and interesting set up in and of itself, but what makes it even more interesting is the fact that the exhibition is not composed and the work not selected as usual by the Readytex Art Gallery team, but by a designated artist. For each other theme-based mini feature in the future a different artist will be assigned the task of exhibition creator, you could even say guest curator, which will undoubtedly bring forth countless interesting concepts and ideas.
The “kick off” for this new type of mini features has already taken place and is for this first time the responsibility of artist Kurt Nahar. The results are currently on display in the Readytex Art Gallery. His theme is based upon contrasts and on the differences in taste and choices of every person. What do you choose for? This is what it comes down to according to the artist. Do you choose for something pretty or ugly, do you choose for the positive or the negative, good or evil?? In this regard Nahar places among other things a predominantly realistic portrait of a beautiful woman, painted by Ron Flu next to a totally different looking, strongly abstracted depiction of also a woman, painted by Ilene Themen. A painting by Kenneth Flijders with an obviously positive, colorful and romantic vibe is placed next to an ominous black work of art in which a dagger takes center stage, by Sunil Puljun. Differences and contrasts in color, in style, in emotional value and many other less and more obvious contrasts are emphasized in the exhibition. With this particular theme the artist symbolically portrays a normal fact of life with regards to choices that human beings are confronted with every day. There are always several options available, but the choices we make are based upon our own decisions.
Some people base their choices on more than that which is obvious on the surface and carefully consider the pros and cons and implications of each choice, while others consider only outward appearances and superficial presentation, without looking at the underlying elements. One is easily charmed by a beautiful image, while the other is fascinated by the nontraditional, the unconventional and the more conceptually interesting image.
Readytex Art Gallery invites you, also on behalf of the artist Kurt Nahar, to visit this interesting mini feature in the gallery and challenges you to make your own close study of the collection based upon the theme at hand. What do you choose for??
This mini feature is on display in the Readytex Art Gallery until the  26th of July 2010.

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Featured artist(s)

Armand Masé
Armand Masé makes mahogany sculptures of human figures, masks and small statues of lovable chubby ladies playing different instruments.
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Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
In the past paintings by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj were mostly oils on canvas on which the paint was applied with a pallet knife. Now he paints mostly with a brush which results in a smooth, flat finish. The style has become less realistic and the people in his recent work have a completely different appearance. Humans still form the main theme in his work, but the faces of the characters now all have a similar, undefined shape in which the eyes, nose, mouth and other features are only hinted at subtly...
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George Struikelblok
George Struikelblok’s work is impressive and emotional.  He uses acryl mixed with oil paint in earthly colors and pastels mostly on canvases of at least one by one meter ...
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Hanka Wolterstorff
Hanka Wolterstorff has been creating and exhibiting very beautiful ceramics for 25 years....

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Henry, Soekarman Kartotaroeno(Soeka)
Henry Soekarman Kartotaroeno, better known as Soeka presents to the public an art form which not many contemporary artists in Suriname presently employ.
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Humphrey Tawjoeram
Humphrey Tawjoeram offers very little explanation about his work. He only comments that he expresses his emotions best when he makes abstracts, and that a kind of tension is important in his work.
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John Lie-A-Fo
The closeness of the tribes with nature that live in the rainforest is the fascination that John Lie A Fo expresses in his painting.
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Kenneth Flijders
Flijders has a recognizable expressiveness in silhouettes and contours, which sometimes results in a mysterious effect in his creations
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Kurt Nahar
Kurt Nahar is one of the few Surinamese producing engaged art. His art is a mission, a task to raise consciousness.
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Marcel Pinas
Marcel Pinas: Maroon roots and culture oil paintings

Marcel Pinas’ last works reflect the ideograms of the painted woodcarving of the Aucaners (Maroon) tribe, of which he is a member.

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Paul Chang
Though living and working in Miami his painting is undeniable South American and exhibited as such, hence the name Pablo Chang. Chang’s paintings reflect the natural beauty of Suriname.
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Reinier Asmoredjo
Reinier Asmoredjo paints in bright sunny colors and  a stylistic semi- figurative way  his fascination and faith with the daily struggle of life of marganalised women in oil on canvas.
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Rinaldo Klas
My art is influenced by the things that I value most in my direct surroundings.
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Roddney Tjon Poen Gie
Roddney Tjon Pioen Gie is a sculptor as well as an artist of the flat surface. His own visual language is based on the letter signs of his ancestors from three continents.
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Ron Flu
Ron Flu’s works are majestic caricatures, a dramatic, realistic, expressive and ironic social protest for Surinamese situations in bright colored oil paintings.
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Sri Irodikromo
The art in the latest collection by Sri Irodikromo is a fascinating blend of qualities bold and delicate, daring yet subtle and although the work seems grand and impulsive it shows beautiful workmanship and is intricately detailed...
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Sunil Puljhun
Sunil Puljhun uses charcoal, pencils and acrylic paint in primarily black and grey hues. Sand and collage materials are occasionally used to add depth and structure to the surface of his work.
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Wilgo Vijfhoven
The recent work of Wilgo Vijfhoven is inspired by the mysteriousness of woman....
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