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Ordinary People Reloaded; solo Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
(19 Oct 2010 - 23 Oct 2010)

On October 19th Readytex Art Gallery opens a new solo exhibition by artist Dhiradj Ramsamoedj called Ordinary people reloaded, in De Hal at the Grote Combéweg. This young artist, who made quite an impression with his Adjie Gilas installation at the Paramaribo SPAN exhibition of the DSB Bank earlier this year, takes the inspiration he started out with then, and takes it to a whole new level. He does the same with the subject of his first solo exhibition in 2006, Ordinary people. Ramsamoedj keeps expanding his boundaries and is continually on the lookout for new challenges, but it is truly his vision, his ideology and the carefully contrived concepts, that determine the strength of his creations. Just as in his previous exhibition Ordinary people, the ordinary man and woman during their normal everyday activities are the main theme in the paintings at this exhibition. Ordinary people reloaded however, shows some marked differences compared to the work of several years ago. The smoothly finished realistic style of the oil paintings from before have now progressed to more impulsive, contrast rich compositions in acrylics as well as oils. Lines and shade effects, especially in black, accentuated against a background of bright colors, are also new developments. These and all choices the artist makes, are based upon well thought out concepts which serve as the basis for his creative urges. Not one color, shape, detail or composition is randomly applied to his canvas. Ramsamoedj often starts from previously completed sketches or three-dimensional pieces, ideas or parts thereof, and gradually and deliberately builds up his compositions from there. Even so, the work shows a significant increase in artistic freedom. As the life experience and artistic exposure of the artist expand, the growth and depth in his work are also clearly visible. As an artist Dhiradj imposes fewer restrictions on himself, becomes more impulsive and without a doubt also more confident; his work becomes stronger, the colors more expressive, the compositions more daring. Tales and impressions from Hinduism, from books, newspapers but also observations and memories from his own life and surroundings, are the point of departure in a great deal of his paintings. Then there are also works that summon a sense of nostalgia especially since many of the pieces that depict regular, daily scenes are framed with old weathered wooden window frames and moldings from the old house of his grandmother. The mysterious looking people with the strangely shaped heads are for some time now a characteristic feature in the art by Ramsamoedj, and in this collection they play an essential role. The so called ‘Ordinary people’ are now scrutinized and analyzed more deeply by the artist. The mysterious character of man, the hidden inner motivation which is not always positive in nature, those are things that the artist is increasingly preoccupied with. They have also inspired his peculiar portrayal of the human head and also certain color choices. He uses black for example to add to the sense of mystery and now and then also a bright yellow, which to him symbolizes the betrayal which humans are capable of. Three-dimensional art installations are also an important part of the exhibition. Ramsamoedj takes the work he presented at the Paramaribo SPAN exhibition a few steps further. De flexible man figure that was made from thousands of strips of cloth has inspired multiple similar figures which now appear in different, less static forms. The same is true for the installations made of wooden sticks which this time around also appear to have more movement to them. Ordinary people reloaded is a fascinating presentation of paintings and installations, large and small, with each their own story, their own concept. The art of Dhiradj Ramsamoedj often contains a specific message, which can be either socially or environmentally oriented. On Thursday the 21st of October the artist will talk to the public in more depth about his work and his inspiration. On October 23rd the exhibition is concluded in a festive ambiance at De Hal, after which all the remaining works will be transferred to the Readytex Art Gallery. For more information or visual material please contact Readytex Art Gallery, at 421750
For more information please visit the artist’s resume:  www.readytexartgallery.com/dhiradjramsamoedj
Team Readytex Art Gallery

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Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
In the past paintings by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj were mostly oils on canvas on which the paint was applied with a pallet knife. Now he paints mostly with a brush which results in a smooth, flat finish. The style has become less realistic and the people in his recent work have a completely different appearance. Humans still form the main theme in his work, but the faces of the characters now all have a similar, undefined shape in which the eyes, nose, mouth and other features are only hinted at subtly...
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