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Double-feature: Kurt Nahar and Dhriradj Ramsamoedj
(18 Aug 2009 - 28 Aug 2009)

Starting on August ..th, Readytex Art Gallery presents to her guests a new double-feature. The chosen ones this time around are artists Kurt Nahar and Dhiradj Ramsamoedj. Two artists of which the work is completely different! The work of Kurt Nahar as always confrontational because of his unconventional and provoking symbolism, stands in sharp contrast to the more realistic, though mysterious and emotionally charged scenery in the paintings by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj.

Kurt Nahar, only recently returned from his research residency at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, once again gives free reign to his seemingly inexhaustible imagination. The artist is a free spirit totally unencumbered by convention, always follows his instinct and in a way that is typically his own, uses creatively contrived symbolism to present his theme. He collects the most peculiar images, texts and photographic material and uses them in combination with his own recognizable catch phrases and words (as well as new ones) to create his intriguing collage compositions. Some of the pieces are surprisingly simple and minimalistic while others are done in more intricate and complex compositions. The symbolism is sometimes easy to understand and in other instances a complete enigma. These pieces of art were all created during Kurtís residency at the Rijksacademie where he researched in great detail all the circumstances and events surrounding the 1980 military revolution in Suriname. Every collage composition is a direct confrontation with subjects concerning this period and the subsequent social and political consequences which are even today, clearly discernible in Surinamese society. As is his intention, the modern and provocative methods of Kurt Nahar bring about a new level of thought, awareness and discussion amongst his public.

In this feature Dhiradj Ramsamoedj shows a new method of working. Whereas in the past Dhiradj has worked primarily in oils, in this instance he chose for acrylics and used oils only in certain smaller details. Out of technical considerations the conversion to acrylics was a conscious choice; painting with acrylics allows for faster and easier application of layers, while the background can remain visible. The finish is not as smooth as it was in the oil paintings. Every stroke of the brush is visible and the contrasts in shadows and shapes are more pronounced. The new experiments of Ramsamoedj are limited only to technique and materials because his theme is unchanged. Normal people from his own surroundings and memories are still the largest source of inspiration to the artist. A sense of loneliness, a certain level of gloominess and the strange mysterious shape of the heads are still recognizable elements of the work. Lonesome and brooding individuals are predominantly present. There are a few paintings which suggest more of a family situation, but perhaps because of the dark coloring, the mysterious appearance and the absence of emotional expression, even these pieces exude a charged atmosphere. The viewer canít help but become curious of the circumstances and emotions which seem so deeply hidden.

This double-feature of Nahar and Ramsamoedj is a definite must see. The work of both artists intrigues, feeds the curiosity, and stimulates deeper thought.

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Featured artist(s)

Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
In the past paintings by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj were mostly oils on canvas on which the paint was applied with a pallet knife. Now he paints mostly with a brush which results in a smooth, flat finish. The style has become less realistic and the people in his recent work have a completely different appearance. Humans still form the main theme in his work, but the faces of the characters now all have a similar, undefined shape in which the eyes, nose, mouth and other features are only hinted at subtly...
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Kurt Nahar
Kurt Nahar is one of the few Surinamese producing engaged art. His art is a mission, a task to raise consciousness.
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