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Kurt Nahar: research and international exposure
(16 Jun 2009 - 16 Jun 2009)

Kurt Nahar: research and international exposure

Surinamese artist Kurt Nahar, well known for the explicit and socially critical theme of his controversial yet meaningful art expressions, has spent a great deal of his time in 2009 involved with several art related activities in the Netherlands.

From March until May Kurt was enrolled at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam as an artist in residence for a special research project. The artist was presented with this opportunity specifically to do research on the subject that most occupies his interest as an artist, the turbulent 80’s and the related December murders in Suriname. Through concentrated research the artist attempts to find out more about this disturbing period of Surinamese history; the causes, backgrounds, consequences and the effects on the community then, now and in the future. Through his art he wants to bring under the attention those critical subjects which are either consciously or subconsciously ignored by society today. He aims to stimulate deeper thought and discussions amongst viewers and hopes to give past injustices and human rights violations in his country the attention they deserve.

During his research at the Rijksacademie Kurt Nahar came upon new and valuable information which caused the birth of countless new ideas and concepts for future art projects. In May, at the completion of his three month residency, Kurt Nahar presented the new works of art he created at the Rijksacademie ( collage work, installations and poetry)at a private exhibition in ‘Hommes’ in Amsterdam. To the artist his experiences and residencies at art institute’s abroad (Nahar has previously done residencies at ‘Duende’ in Rotterdam and the ‘Vermont Studio Center’ in the USA) are enriching and essential to the progression of his art career. The research done at the Rijksacademie proved very useful, but the time was limited and information kept pouring in. In order to deepen his research and expand it to include other incidents during that particular period of Surinamese history, Kurt has been given the opportunity to spend a new research residency of six months at the Rijksacademie sometime in the near future.

Another positive development related to his growing international experience, is that Kurt was asked, through Remy Jungerman (initiator of the recent ‘Wakaman’ art project) to participate in a large art manifestation in Den Helder (the Netherlands). This manifestation which is called “Licht aan Zee AA” (light at sea AA) is organized by ‘Kunsthal 52’ in collaboration with other cultural institutes out of Den Helder from June 27 through August 29 of 2009. Several artists from Africa, the Antilles and the Caribbean will participate in this manifestation. The manifestation essentially aims to present to the public work by artists from countries with the same roots, but different cultures in an ever increasing globalized world. Together with Nahar a number of artists from Suriname or with Surinamese roots will participate in this exhibition. They are Remy Jungerman, Iris Kensmil and Marcel Pinas.

Kurt Nahar will also be represented at the Venice Biennale this year with one work of art. His work is part of the “Works on Paper” exhibit of the NY Arts Venice Pavilion from June 7 until November 22. Upon completion of the Venice Biennale the “Works on paper” exhibit will be transferred to Beijing where it will be exhibited at the NY Arts Beijing Gallery for a period of one month.

Readytex Art Gallery, June 16 2009


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