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Fernandes goes art with Readytex Art gallery
(23 Feb 2009 - 4 Mar 2009)

Fernandes Goes Art with Readytex Art Gallery Recently, on Tuesday the 24th of February, Fernandes Klip, the Fernandes Group warehouse on the Klipstenenstraat 2-10, opened its newly transformed 1st floor after undergoing a stylish metamorphosis. The official opening was organized in cooperation with the Readytex Art Gallery. The entire floor is decorated with a great variation of living room ensembles and every space and corner presents unique designs in interior decorating.  The emphasis is on furniture in contemporary trends and styles currently in fashion. Bright and cheerful colors lend a charming atmosphere to every furniture grouping.  Aside from the imported (leather) sofa’s, tables, carpet and lighting displayed throughout the entire space, every decor is wonderfully complemented with works of art by talented Surinamese artists. The exhibited works of art are a choice collection of work by 19 Surinamese artists.  The paintings and sculptures, together with the furniture and carpets displayed over an area of 900 square meters, form a spectacular presentation of the core elements that make each house into a tastefully decorated home. Art should touch all families. The cooperation with Readytex Art Gallery will not be a onetime event. It is the intention to structurally place the 1st floor of Fernandes Klip at the disposal of local artists, to strategically exhibit their work within the setting of a stylish living room decor. From now on every visitor will be able to enjoy attractive home designs complete with art. Readytex Art Gallery supports the Surinamese art community and Fernandes Klip will support Readytex Art Gallery in this mission. The opening exhibit was open to the public from February 25th until March 4th of 2009. 

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Featured artist(s)

George Struikelblok
George Struikelblok’s work is impressive and emotional.  He uses acryl mixed with oil paint in earthly colors and pastels mostly on canvases of at least one by one meter ...
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Henry, Soekarman Kartotaroeno(Soeka)
Henry Soekarman Kartotaroeno, better known as Soeka presents to the public an art form which not many contemporary artists in Suriname presently employ.
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Kenneth Flijders
Flijders has a recognizable expressiveness in silhouettes and contours, which sometimes results in a mysterious effect in his creations
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Kurt Nahar
Kurt Nahar is one of the few Surinamese producing engaged art. His art is a mission, a task to raise consciousness.
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Reinier Asmoredjo
Reinier Asmoredjo paints in bright sunny colors and  a stylistic semi- figurative way  his fascination and faith with the daily struggle of life of marganalised women in oil on canvas.
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