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Solo Exhibition " MURNI " of Soeki Irodikromo
(1 Aug 2018 - 11 Aug 2018)

Solo exhibition ‘MURNI’ of Soeki Irodikromo

Starting from Thursday the 2nd of August, Readytex Art Gallery once again welcomes the public into her space for a special solo exhibition. Visual artist Soeki Irodikromo will then present his new exhibition, titled ‘Murni’, to the public. ‘Murni’ means, among other things, honest, genuine and original. A title very befitting of the artist as well as his work. Because everything that Soeki portrays on canvas, or forms out of clay, comes straight from his heart. His work is an honest representation of his fascination with, and love for, the diversity in cultures present in his country, Suriname.

Soeki Irodikromo is an experienced, multi-disciplinary visual artist from Suriname who, during his long and eventful career, has managed to build quite an impressive oeuvre. An oeuvre he is still expanding. Soeki is well known, locally and abroad, for his works of art in which he essentially pays tribute to that what he considers the strength and the pride of Suriname: the cultural wealth with its traditions, the colors, the beauty and the diversity in dance and traditional clothing. In his work, Soeki portrays elements from his own Javanese heritage, but also elements from all the other cultures, which he in fact also regards as his own. His work often displays a combination, or rather a fusion of various cultures. Because that is indeed what the artist is strongly committed to. A community of people who live peacefully next to, and with each other. In harmony. He does not involve himself with politics or anything negative, but is a true advocate for working and striving towards wellbeing, from a positive perspective.

And in his studio at the back of his home, Soeki has indeed been working hard on his new art collection. With the walls covered with colorful paintings, the floors and work surfaces scattered with supplies, beautiful ceramic sculptures, and several easels with works in progress, the artist gives free reign to his creativity. And occasionally, a work that was ‘finished’, is not finished after all, and is taken back down for the changes that the artist envisions. It is a fascinating process. From the first thin layer of the background, to the rough contours of the composition, the colors, the shapes, up until the final details. With intuitive and confident touches, strokes and stripes, applied by hand, brush or palette knife, on canvas or in clay, Soeki Irodikromo ultimately tells fascinating stories about the multi-cultural beauty of his country. And although he prefers a more abstract style, his imagery is lively and exuberant, and his compositions are often filled with rhythm and movement. “Sometimes it’s the movement that speaks, more than the color” says the artist. “The inspiration is infinite. While I am busy, my work becomes increasingly exuberant”. His enthusiasm is infectious, his love and his passion for the diverse cultures of his country, genuine and admirable, and indeed: ‘Murni’.

Earlier this year Soeki travelled to Indonesia with his children to introduce them to the country and the rich culture of their ancestors. He went in search of family members and also visited the art academy in Yogyakarta where he studied years ago, and gave presentations about his country and his art career in Suriname. And he once again took a great deal of inspiration from the surroundings and the historical sites that he visited with his children. Several of the works in his new collection were indeed created after this journey.

The solo exhibition ‘Murni’ of Soeki Irodikromo is on display in Readytex Art Gallery from Thursday August the 2nd thru Saturday August 11th, Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. Also open in the evening on Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd of August from 7 – 9 pm. On Thursday evening, the 2nd of August, at 7:30 pm, Soeki will give a presentation about this nostalgic and inspirational journey through Indonesia. 

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