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TNF with Xavier Robles de Medina
(3 Jul 2017 - 15 Jul 2017)

Xavier Robles de Medina presents his book: ‘If you dream of your tongue, beware’

On the evening of Thursday July 6th, Readytex Art Gallery once again opens her doors for a special Thursday-Night-Feature. For many of the guests visiting this TNF, it will probably be their first real introduction to the great and talented Surinamese artist at the center of this evening. The presenting artist on Thursday July 6th is Xavier Robles de Medina, the youngest guest artist affiliated with Readytex Art Gallery.

Xavier, a grandson of one of the best known visual artists from Suriname, Stuart Robles de Medina, received his art education at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia in the USA, presently lives and works in the Netherlands, and is soon to start his Masters in Fine Arts program at Goldsmiths in London, England. On the TNF of July 6th Readytex Art Gallery hosts the first presentation of Xavier’s art book ‘If you dream of your tongue, beware’ in Suriname. The book documents the works that Xavier exhibited at his solo-exhibition of the same name that opened in Catinca Tabacaru Gallery in New York on January 22nd of 2017. The book contains ink and graphite drawings so excellent, that they almost look like black and white photographs. In several he purposely chose to eliminate certain elements from the source material, thereby creating a fascinating combination of empty space and floating image fragments. A most surprising publication!

At the upcoming TNF Xavier will discuss his book and his work with the public. The book is of course available for purchase at the gallery. As a special treat the artist has a wonderful surprise in store for those buying his book. He will sketch a quick-portrait of them on the inside of the cover of their new book. As a demonstration he will make one of those sketches during the TNF. To make the quick-portraits, Xavier will start sketching a few days before the TNF. He will be available in the gallery to draw, from July 3rd until July 8th and each sketch will take approximately 20 minutes. Because to Xavier each portrait, each interaction with the buyer, is an important and integral part of his project in Suriname, all portraits will be scanned for the artist’s own files. Those interested are welcome to purchase their book and schedule their sketch session with Xavier in advance at Readytex Art Gallery from Wednesday June 28th. Appointments can be made at the gallery, by e-mail at info@readytexartgallery.com, or by phone on 421750, please ask for the gallery. The sold books with in them the portraits made by Xavier, will become part of the presentation at the TNF. Because of this buyers will not be able to take their books home until July 15th.

Everybody is welcome at the TNF on July 6th to talk with Xavier Robles de Medina about his book and to marvel at the artist’s drawing skills as he sketches a guest on the spot. Gallery doors open at 7:00 pm and the group discussion starts at 7:30 pm. So buy your book and get your quick-portrait done by this talented artist. 

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