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Presentation Rinaldo Klas about the environmental
(1 Dec 2016 - 10 Dec 2016)

The time has come for Readytex Art Gallery’s last Thursday-night-feature (TNF) of this year. Looking back we can safely say, judging from the ever-increasing number of visitors, that the TNF’s have grown into a successful monthly event. The varied themes and presentations captivate the audience, while artists and others in the art sector are given the opportunity to share specific projects and activities with the public. 
On the TNF of December 1st the public can expect yet another fascinating presentation. On this evening visual artist Rinaldo Klas presents the results of a new project that has to do with a subject that has captured the attention of Rinaldo Klas since the early 90’s: the effects of human activities on our environment.
This time he incorporates the theme into his artwork in a different way. Instead of using only paint, he lays his prepared canvasses down and ads tire marks to them by rolling used tires all over the surface. The tire tracks that appear on the canvas are then a symbolic representation of the tracks that are inevitably left behind on the environment by the various activities of mankind. The artist is concerned by an array of human activities, such as the search for gold and other resources, the pollution caused by our vehicles, the irresponsible dumping of waste products, and much more.   
During his presentation Rinaldo Klas will talk about this project, about how he intended to do it initially, about the reasons why it turned out differently, and also about why, as an artist, he is so preoccupied with this environmental theme. The presentation will also include a small exhibition of several of the artist’s new paintings dealing with this same subject. 
With a theme that deals with such an often-discussed and current issue, this TNF promises to be a very interesting one. So please join us in watching and listening to the presentation of Rinaldo Klas on Thursday the 1st of December. The doors of Readytex Art Gallery are open on this evening from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm and the presentation of Rinaldo Klas starts at 7:30 pm.  

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