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'Ik heb u lief!! (I love each and every one of you)'

“We are truly a melting pot of cultures!  We are a country where people accept each other for what they are, better still, we are a country where people share and represent each other’s cultural riches.  We are rich because we are becoming one people without denying our cultural heritage.  And that makes me happy.  It confirms all I believe in!” The riches that Soeki Irodikromo experiences, Suriname’s riches, radiate throughout his art.  Details of Suriname’s varied cultural expressions, details that elude most of us in the rush of every day:  costumes and masks, crowns and women, animals and figures, jewels and wayang images.  Simple details, yet with very complex and rich histories.  People that move to the age old rhythms brought to Suriname from all over the world by our ancestors and tuned to fit our new beat, the beat that we are dancing to together.

Soeki Irodikromo is a very well known and much appreciated Surinamese artist who portrays his ideals in different types of art such as colorful paintings large and small, ceramics and also in Batik. In his artwork traces of Cobra-expressionism can be detected as well as those of the age old Indonesian mythology. Nevertheless, Soeki has undoubtedly developed his own unique recognizable style of fascinating compositions in lively colors.

Working experience:
- Teacher in highschool
- Batik workshops
- Member of Artists collective "Waka Tjopu"
- Member of Federation for Visual Artists in Suriname (FVAS)
- Co-founder of the Association of Visual Artists in Suriname (ABKS)
- Teacher in Painting and Ceramics
- Monument for the commemoration of 100 years Javanese Immigration
- Monument regarding the New Millennium in 2002, Lelydorp, Suriname

2015 Solo Expo "Bigi yari" Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, Suriname
2013 National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2013 Expo 20 years Readytex Art Gallery, De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2012 National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2012 Revealing our stored treasures, Readytex Art Gallery/De Hal, Paramaribo
2011 National Art Fair (NK'11), Paramaribo, Suriname
2011 Heritage Festival, Commewijne, Suriname
2011 De verleiding van Coronie, The Hague, the Netherlands
2010 Vredig, Vrij en Vriendelijk, De Hal, Paramaribo
2010 Nationale Kunst Beurs, Ons Erf, Suriname
2010 Kunst is Kracht, De Hal, Suriname
2009 Kunst in Sana, Volksacademie voor Kunst en Cultuur, Suriname
2009 Exhibition Torarica and Royal House of Art, Suriname
2009 Exhibition ABKS, IVCC, Suriname
2008 Fernades goes art with Readytex Art Gallery, Fernades Klip, Suriname
2008 NK ’08, National Art Fair, Suriname
2008 Commonalities, IVCC, Suriname

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Soeki Irodikromo

Solo exhibition of Soeki Irodikromo "Bigi Yari"
Group exhibition "WAT"
"The seduction of Coronie" The Hague, Netherland
Vredig, vrij en vriendelijk
Mini feature Soeki Irodikromo and Sri Irodikromo
Readytex Art Gallery at NK ‘09
"Commonalities" Group exhibit at IVCC
Surifesta 2006 " Kunst, Koffie en een Koekje "
Holland Art Fair 2006
Open house 2005

Date of birth:
20 june 1945

Birth place:
Pieterszorg dist. Commewijne Suriname

1963-1967 CCS School for Visual Arts, Paramaribo, Suriname
1967-1972 Academy of Visual Art, Rotterdam, Holland
1971-1972 Specialized in ceramics, Holland
1979-1980 Batikcourse at the Academy Seni Rupa, Indonesia, Yogyakarta

1979- Currie-prijs voor Kunstn en Wetenschappen voor opmerkelijke
culturele prestaties.
1981- Unicef Award voor het ontwerp van een internationaal postzegel.
1995- Ridder in de Ereorde van de Republic Suriname 2000
De Ware Tijd “Stonfutu grani” in de beeldende kunst
2003- Distinguished Artist of the Carribean on the occasion of Carifesta VIII
2005- Officier in de Ere-Orde van de Gele Ster

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