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'Everything inspires me. Nature, Culture, History, things and people out of my own surroundings and memories from the past are all incorporated into my work. '

I am greatly inspired by elements from daily life in the multicultural Surinamese society. Normal everyday scenes such as carefree and relaxed celebrations and gatherings, the lively hustle and bustle at the marketplace, people in colorful traditional clothing such as the popular Surinamese kotomisi, are a continuous source of inspiration. I also find great pleasure in painting peaceful and pristine natural scenes and landscapes from our rich tropical rainforest. I am unequivocally attracted to the beauty of Surinamese nature. I also have a special affinity for the old and historical. Subjects and materials from our countries history truly fascinate me and I will in some way or another always incorporate historical themes and materials in my work. I am known for example to salvage shutters and doors from old deserted or condemned wooden buildings which I then transform into unique painted art objects which, aside from their artistic value, in my opinion also possess a valuable historic quality. I like to experiment with several materials, styles and techniques and never limit myself to a predetermined plan during my creative processes. Figurative as well as abstract paintings, fine art prints done in several techniques, wooden sculptures and other multimedia experiments with found or natural materials on canvas, paper and hardboard are all part of my work. Fibers from palm trees and natural pigments which I extract from mahogany wood are materials I currently enjoy working with.


Working experience:
Untill 2014 Visual Arts teacher at Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Paramaribo, Suriname.

In 1999, together with 4 colleague painters under the name of "Wan Nyun Mamanten" , Kenneth Flijders created a large group painting which was representative of the rush towards the new millennium at that time. This painting is on display at the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport in Suriname.

2015 Opening exhibition new location Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, Suriname
2014 Circus Terminal, international traveling exhibition, De Hal, Suriname
2014 WAT, RAG group exhibition, De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2013 Cultural Currents, Miami meets Paramaribo, De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2013 Exhibition 20 years Readytex Art Gallery, De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2012 National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2012 Revealing our stored treasures, RAG in De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2011 National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2011 l'Encadrier Galerie, Cayenne, French Guyana
2011 De Verleiding van Coronie, The Hague, Holland
2010 Vredig, Vrij en Vriendelijk, De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2010 National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2010 Kunst is Kracht, RAG in De Hal, Paramaribo, Suriname
2009 National Art Fair, Paramaribo, Suriname
2009 Group exhibition, IVCC, Paramaribo, Suriname
2009 Fernandes goes art with RAG, Paramaribo, Suriname

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Kenneth Flijders

Readytex Art Gallery verhuisd
Circus Terminal Worldwide Suriname
Group exhibition "WAT"
Vredig, vrij en vriendelijk
Mini feature: What do you choose for?
Readytex Art Gallery at NK 09
Inspiration, solo exhibit Kenneth Flijders
Fernandes goes art with Readytex Art gallery
"Commonalities" Group exhibit at IVCC
Mini feature of Kenneth Flijders
Craft and Souvenir Installation by Kurt Nahar
Surifesta 2006 " Kunst, Koffie en een Koekje "
Holland Art Fair 2006
Open house 2005

Date of birth:
11 november 1956

Birth place:

New School for Visual Arts
Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts

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